We are adding more experience to the Incell team

We welcome Lennart, Ulf and Mikael!

Lennart Nordahl has joined as Product Manager. Lennart previously worked for Efore Group, a power products design and manufacturing company with development in Europe and China and manufacturing in China and Africa, where he was heading up Sales Engineering.
Lennart has over 30 years’ experience from different design, project and management positions in telecom power systems companies like Ericsson, Emerson Energy Systems and Valere Power Europe.

Ulf Heiding has joined us as Test and Verification Engineer in the R&D center in Oskarshamn. Ulf previously worked for Kemet Electronics AB in Sweden, where he has worked as EMC engineer for 12 years. He has also some experience from product development in mechanics and electronics.

Mikael Magnusson has joined as Accountant and Business Administrator. Mikael has recently graduated from University of Gävle where he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Mikael brings accounting and administration knowledge.