Twice the back-up and up to five times the life by retrofitting PBC-02 telecom battery with Incell Smart Lithium Battery

INCELL International is now launching a lithium battery retrofit solution for the PBC-02 telecom battery. It is plug and play compatible with the standard lead acid batteries and offers twice the back-up capacity and up to five times the life time.

“This is another sign of Incell’s innovative approach. We have developed a solution that improves operators’ business by doubling availability while reducing total cost of ownership.”, says Stefan Jansson, CEO and Founder of INCELL International, “The solution is proven in tough field conditions during the last ½ year and we have received the first volume orders”.

+ Plug & play with existing rectifiers in PBC-02
+ 5 times longer life time
+ Half the size
+ 1/4 the weight
+ 6000 cycles at 80% SOC
+ Over 15 years float life at 25°C (77°F)
+ Operating temperature range –20°C to +70°C
+ Environmentally friendly – contains no lead and 100% recyclable
+ Safe – advanced inbuilt battery protection
+ Any state of charge (ASOC) cycling technology – never need a full recharge

Smart Lithium Battery™
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