Trademarks and Trademark Usage Guidelines

Company Name

INCELL® International trademarks and brands are Incell’s intellectual property and are among our most valuable assets. In order to preserve and protect these brands, it is essential that they are used properly. Follow these Guidelines and our Brand Style Guide for using Incell’s trademarks and brands properly in all communications, documents, and electronic messages.

If Incell appears alone it doesn’t require the ® symbol, but if it stands next to International, the word INCELL should be capitalized, and then the ® appears.

Legal and official documents

Use the trademark symbol and full name on first occurrence, after the headline, on legal and official documents.
First use: INCELL® International AB
Thereafter: Incell

Instructional/body/reference text

Use the trademark symbol and full name on first occurrence. At your discretion, use the trademark as the document requires, but if it appears next to International, INCELL should be capitalized.
First use: INCELL® International
Thereafter: Incell

No Possessives: Since a trademark is not a noun, it must never be used in possessive form, e.g. one should not refer to “INCELL® International’s products” but rather to “INCELL® International products”.

As the word Incell, not written as a registered trademark, is a noun, this rule does not apply to the word Incell. Company names are proper nouns; they can be used in the possessive form and do not need to be followed by a generic term. Neither the ™ nor ® symbol should accompany references to the company name.

No Plurals: Since a trademark is not a noun, it must never be used in plural form.
No Verbs: Since a trademark is not a verb, it must never be used as a verb.

Product Names

Smart Lithium Battery™ (SLB™)
Could also be written: Smart Lithium Batteries™ (SLB™)
First use: Smart Lithium Battery™ or Smart Lithium Batteries™ or together with the abbreviation Smart Lithium Battery™.
Thereafter: Smart Lithium Battery/Smart Lithium Batteries or SLB
Could also be written: SLB Indoor or SLB Outdoor.

Smart Lithium Power™ (SLP™)
First use: Smart Lithium Power™ or together with the abbreviation Smart Lithium Power™
Thereafter: Smart Lithium Power or SLP

Current Limiting Device™ (CLD™)
First use: Current Limiting Device™ or together with the abbreviation Current Limiting Device™
Thereafter: Current Limiting Device or CLD

First use: Battery-as-a-Service®
Thereafter: Battery-as-a-Service or BaaS

Always Connected™
First use: Always Connected™
Thereafter: Always Connected

Incell Studio™
First use: Incell Studio™
Thereafter: Incell Studio

Incell Studio Mobile™
First use: Incell Studio Mobile ™
Thereafter: Incell Studio Mobile

Anti-Theft Device™ (ATD™)
First use:  Anti-Theft Device™
Thereafter: Anti-Theft Device, Anti-Theft Device or ATD

Incell Connect™ – Bridge
First use:  Incell Connect™ – Bridge
Thereafter: Connect –Bridge, IC–B

Incell Connect™ – Alert
First use:  Incell Connect™ – Alert
Thereafter: Connect –Alert, IC–A

 Use only approved abbreviations. If a product name has an approved abbreviation, it can be used after the first occurrence, such as “Smart Lithium Battery” (hereafter called SLB).

Incell Word Marks

INCELL® International
Smart Lithium Battery™
Smart Lithium Batteries™ (SLB™)
Smart Lithium Power™ (SLP™)
Current Limiting Device™ (CLD™)
Always Connected™
Incell Studio™
Incell Studio Mobile™
Anti-Theft Device™  (ATD™)
Incell Connect™ – Bridge
Incell Connect™ – Alert

Authorized Distributors and Partners

You must obtain prior authorization from Incell in order to use any Incell trademark and/or logo in a manner that might suggest affiliation or association with Incell, including to identify your company as an authorized distributor or partner of Incell.

All uses of any Incell trademark and/or logo must be in compliance with the Trademark Usage Guidelines and the Brand Style Guide.

If you become aware of any usage of Incell trademarks or brands in violation of these Guidelines, please contact