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Power back-up systems for telecom has for long been a costly and
challenging issue. Batteries need to be frequently changed, diesel is costly and pollutes the environment, and actual back-up time and life expectancy is uncertain with batteries due to lack of intelligence. The telecom network of the future needs to be smarter and more cost-effective. Emergency call requirements and competitive environments are making ever-greater demands in terms of availability.

Incell’s Smart Lithium Battery™ (SLB) is designed for the telecom market and with its challenges in mind.

Smart Lithium Battery™

Compared with lead, our lithium telecom batteries have many benefits, such as half the volume, a quarter of the weight and five times higher energy density – which gives them a longer service life, especially in cyclic environments. These results in many types of cost savings.

smart lithium battery

SLB™ Indoor

Incell’s indoor solutions are designed for IP20 applications. The products range from 30 to 250 Ah in a number of sizes, mechanical formats and cell chemistries. All are built on Incell’s BMS solutions, mechanics and qualified battery cells. Thoroughly verified and certified for safest operation. Modbus interface for remote communication.

smart lithium battery
SLB Outdoor
SLB Outdoor

SLB™ Outdoor

Incell SLB Outdoor Batteries are designed to power communication equipment in tough outdoor applications. The units are made to be easy to buy, install and operate and require no maintenance for a trouble free operational life. Install, Power-up and be ready to go!

The products range from 6 to 100 Ah in a number of sizes, mechanical formats and cell chemistries.

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What’s inside?

The SLB™ batteries consist of four parts

  • Battery pack determining the capacity and the voltage
  • Battery management system (BMS) primarily for safety, but also including valuable features for analytics and remote management
  • Charge control (Incell patented CLD™) which controls charge current without disconnecting the battery
  • User interface – easy. as it should be
Easy to buy

SLB™ products are a complete Telecom power back-up systems with easy to choose options. They can be installed in 19/23” rails or stacked on shelves, horizontally or vertically, indoor (IP20) or outdoor (IP55/65) version, different capacities ranging from 8-250 Ah. You can easily find the one you need.

Easy to install

The SLB™ products are known on the market for the ease of installation.  It comes complete from factory. Once on site, you mount, connect power, set the communication and power up. A full installation of six or so batteries can be done in under one hour. Then, it is just to walk away and almost forget about it.

Easy to own

The SLB™ product family is maintenance-free. With a remote connection you can stay up to date of the battery performance and know when it is time to change. Incell also offers you hassle free power back-up and availability at a fixed monthly fee.

We call it Battery-as-a-Service®. Cost effective, no surprises and performance guaranteed.

Unique features

Charge control with Current limiting device (CLD™)

Rectifiers can generate high charging current depending on site conditions.  In this situation, most lithium batteries either shut-off or must actively interact with the rectifier controller, resulting in a high risk of failure.  Incell’s patented Current Limiting Device™ (CLD) enables our lithium batteries to be charged at any current without shutting down the battery module.

Replace existing VRLA units without hassle

Incell’s standard battery offering is optimized for seamless replacement of VRLA units fully utilizing existing battery shelves*. Each module is a completely self-contained mechanical unit with lithium battery cells and a battery management system (BMS) for charging/ discharging control, temperature and voltage sensors as well as battery disconnect functionality. SLB™ is also prepared for remote management via ModBus.

*e.g.: the new 23” product offers more than double capacity in the same space with reduced weight as shown in the picture to the right.