Telecom – off-grid


Previous VRLA battery capacity deployed at off-grid site offered only 2-4 hours backup after several short cycles. Operator contacted Incell in order to reduce diesel and electricity consumption on generator (DG) by reducing its operation to 6hrs per day. Additionally, the new battery system should sustain a cycle life superior to 5 years. Lastly, the site required supplementary battery SoC (10%) in case the DG failed to start properly.


Incell provided a compact solution that cycled the battery system 4-5 times per day, which enabled the batteries charge during 1.5 hours and discharge during 4-5 hours. The proposed battery can be cycled over 7500 times. Specific DoD (Depth-of-Discharge) was designed to ensure that site uptime was not compromised.

Products & Services
SP48-22-44M modules
– SP48 manager
– Always Connected™


– Improved site up-time
– Proven DG run time improvement from 20 to 6 hours
– Proven reduced diesel consumption of >12 500 liter p.a.
– Proven expected life time >5 yrs. with SoH feature in Always Connected™


MNO project in Pakistan.