Latest lithium technology in our new SP48

Our next generation of telecom lithium batteries are powered with the new ‘21700’ cell from Samsung SDI. With the improved energy density, power and performance * battery cell, Incell has designed battery modules that feature an increase of 20% in energy density compared to previous versions.

For the 600x600mm standard cabinet, we are launching a 23” battery module that fully utilizes the internal available space. This allows Incel batteries to more than double the site backup capacity utilizing the same area*!

We have also launched a new 19” module battery, with 100Ah capacity, which fully utilizes the space available at ‘600x400mm standard cabinets.

Please contact us for General Availability dates and further information.

*For example, 4 units of 48V 100Ah (totaling 400Ah) Incell Lithium batteries use the same space as a 190Ah VRLA battery. This represents +110% increased capacity in the same area.

Latest modules:
SP48-33-100S: Smart Lithium Battery™ 48V / Rated Capacity 100Ah; 4633Wh / NMC Lithium / Size: 2Ux23″
SP48-33-100S-S: Smart Lithium Battery™ 48V / Rated Capacity 100Ah; 4712Wh / NMC Lithium / Size: 4Ux19″