Incell opens configuration and logistic center (CLC) in Kista Science City

As part of the growth of Incell’s telecom battery operation, the manufacturing of the battery modules and controllers have over a period of time been transferred to Europe in addition from Incell’s South Korea manufacturing. Incell International has now opened a Configuration and Logistic Center in the heart of Kista Science City close to its Headquarters.

“The CLC in Kista is close to our Operations, Technical and Leadership teams. This gives us the opportunity to hands on manage the build-up and automation of the Test and Final Configuration activities in a speedy manner”, says Stefan Jansson, CEO of Incell International.

The CLC allows Incell to configure the battery modules to the customer specific requirements just before shipment, which is a win-win situation both for Incell and its customers. Additionally, the concept and set-up of the Kista CLC will be a blue print for additional CLCs around the globe to support the worldwide demands.

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