Incell and Galooli teams up in next-level remote management of power backup solutions

INCELL International and Galooli Power announce today a cooperation to bring remote management systems for lithium and power solutions to the next level. The partnership will bring efficiencies and savings in total cost of ownership for mobile operators through the potential of INCELL connected smart lithium batteries and Galooli remote management systems.

INCELL International is an industry leader in smart lithium power backup solutions for the telecom market. Incell is a pioneer in offering Battery-as-a-Service models based on the company’s Always Connected™ platform.

Galooli Power has for over a decade developed advanced hardware and software solutions that enable seamless and efficient management of remote assets. Galooli’s remote management and energy efficiency solutions for telecom sites translates into direct OPEX savings for the operator.

Jointly the two companies are offering solutions and services for smart lithium power backup which will help mobile operators to increase predictability, lower the operational cost and improve inventory management. Incell next generation SLB48 product is already prepared for Galooli tracker solution.

Combining the potential of connected smart lithium batteries with big data analytics will minimize the total cost of ownership by reducing energy cost, prolonging battery life and eliminate the need for maintenance.

“We are excited to cooperate with Galooli to further develop smart and sustainable power solutions for the global telecom market, leveraging the companies’ respective strengths in energy solutions and remote management“says Stefan Jansson CEO, INCELL International.

Leehu Hacohen, CEO of Galooli Power added: “The synergy between Incell’s cutting-edge battery line-up and Galooli’s breakthrough technology layer, is an exciting milestone in our energy-optimization journey. Our solution adds artificial intelligence based on analyzed big data, to prolong and protect battery life-cycles from any remote location.

We look forward to deepening our cooperation in the global telecom space, helping organizations unleash more power at lower costs.”

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About INCELL International
INCELL International creates a Smart and Sustainable Future by providing safe and sustainable lithium power backup solutions to the global telecom market.

Incell is a leader in developing advanced lithium batteries for telecom sites’ backup power. With headquarters and R&D in Sweden, manufacturing in Mexico, sales office in US and global sales channels Incell services telecom customers all around the world. Thanks to latest developments in battery monitoring and analysis, Incell provides cutting-edge smart lithium power backup solutions, addressing both the telecom replacement market as well as new macro and small cell sites. Incell is also the pioneer of Battery-as-a-Service®, a subscription model that offers power backup at fixed monthly cost and performance guarantee.

Incell turns the uncertainty in telecom power into predictability!

Incell – creating a smart and sustainable future.

About GalooliPower
GalooliPower Provides a high-end power management solution for a variety of industries such as Telecom operators,smart generator management and effective battery management. Using AI technology,Galooli can collect,store,predict and convert big data into parctical & useful business intelligence tools. The company is leading the smart managemnt solution market over a dacade with 6 offices and subsideries in London, Toronto, Sau Paulo, Lagos,Kampala and Nairobi, HQ in Tel aviv . More than 5,000 different clients, 40 distributers.

In Galooli we belive in our hearts and minds that we are bringing a true value for our costumers.

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Incell and Galooli teams up in next-level remote management of power backup solutions

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