We are the experts in telecom power back-up

We create world-leading smart and sustainable lithium power back-up solutions for the global telecom market. With headquarters and R&D in Sweden, manufacturing in Mexico, sales offices in the United States and global sales channels, we serve telecom customers around the world.

Since 2015 we’ve grown to over 300 people worldwide. We have doubled our sales every year. Our focused strategy to serve the telecom industry with the best designed and engineered telecom power back-up solution has proven itself. We are considered the leader in our industry. In less than five years we have installed products in more than 50 countries and on all continents. We power telecom systems in all climate zones from the equator to the Arctic.

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Our technology

We are driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology. Our R&D team in Sweden focuses on activities ranging from research and innovation to product development and maintenance, resulting in advanced technology made easy to use. We believe that features that make a product easy to use, also contribute to making it safer. Incell’s products are certified and designed with the highest safety in mind. Our products are strong, robust and of superior quality. Thanks to the embedded intelligence in the lithium batteries, you will always know the state of charge.

Our technology lets you focus on your core business and save money – helping to save our planet at the same time. And people all over the world can stay connected and continue to communicate hassle-free.


Incell was founded

Incell was founded by Stefan Jansson. The business idea was to combine power and batteries for the city cell sites of the future with a focus on the new 5G architecture. In order to jump start the business and to lead the evolution from lead to lithium we signed an agreement with Incell Korea to evolve their telecom product portfolio. Our focus in 2015 was to develop generation one of Smart Lithium Power.


Our first projects

We sold and installed our first projects. We created the first generation of Smart Lithium Batteries, and signed our first contracts.

We exhibited in Mobile World Congress for the first time, which has become a yearly tradition.


Expanding globally

We released Generation 3 of our Smart Lithium Battery series. Our products were certified. We signed our first global contracts.

In Stockholm, Sweden, we opened our first factory, and started volume deliveries. Incell was ISO certified the same year and we continued our global expansion. We added sales representation in the US among other locations. We also delivered the first Smart Lithium Power products to the Philippines.


Opening a factory in Mexico

We certified and released the first Generation 4 Smart Lithium Battery products. The global expansion continued and we opened a factory in Guadalajara, Mexico. We signed additional contracts and started to produce high volumes from the new factory. In the UK we added sales representation, and we opened up our Jakarta office to service Asia and the Pacific region. We got our first patent, and were ISO certified.


Considered the leader in our industry

Generation 5 of the Smart Lithium Battery series was released and we certified our first products to UL standards for the USA and Canadian markets. We signed additional large contracts and received our first large product order from Asia, which was installed in December 2019. Incell is increasingly recognized as the leader in lithium batteries for telecom.

Our super powers

Sustainability, Standards & Policies


All personnel in Incell Group, work to ensure long term sustainable development and engagement in active, goal orientated work to reduce our, and our customers’, environmental impact.
Read our Environmental Policy

Incell Supplier Code of Conduct

At Incell we believe that collaboration between employees, customers, suppliers, and investors can only succeed with trusting relationships that bind people together. For this reason, a strong code of ethical and professional conduct must be the foundation upon which Incell is built.
Download full Supplier Code of Conduct

Management system & certificates

See our management system and certificates for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.
Read our Integrated Management System – Policy
Incell ISO 9001:2015 – Certificate
Incell ISO 14001:2015 – Certificate
Incell OHSAS 18001:2007 – Certificate


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