Incell Smart Lithium Battery Take charge! We created our series of Smart Lithium Battery solutions to solve your power back-up challenges. Our game-changing patented technology gives you full control, year after year - effortlessly. Once a product is installed in a few steps, it just works…and works. Explore Incell from Ghana to Svalbard From Svalbard to the equator Our products are strong, robust and of superior quality. They just keep working in the most extreme conditions and environments. Explore Incell Smart Lithium Battery We handle the toughest conditions The electronics in our Smart Lithium Batteries can be protected against dust and moisture for increased life. They can be installed in direct air cooling applications. The batteries withstand extreme conditions. Explore Incell from Ghana to Svalbard From Ghana to the Arctic Our products are certified and designed with the highest safety in mind. Explore Incell Battery Cabinet Our technology lets you focus on your core business and save money – helping to save our planet at the same time. And people all over the world can continue to communicate hassle-free. Say hello to the super powers of our products Explore Incell from Ghana to Svalbard Join the evolution from lead to lithium The planet benefits from our sustainable solution. Our products have an extraordinary long lifetime. They are small, light, maintenance free and can be remotely supervised. Explore Scandinavian innovative technology Our latest innovation is SLP™ Smart Lithium Power – integrated power backup for next generation networks. Explore

Scandinavian innovative technology

We create world-leading smart and sustainable lithium power back-up solutions for the global telecom market. We are driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology.

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